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Individualized K-12 Public Home-Based Distance Education Built Around Your Family’s Needs

Welcome to Learn at Home Oregon

Learn at Home Oregon is a K-12 Home-based Distance Education Program and is not just another virtual school. The Program is free for all students living anywhere in Oregon and has been specifically designed with the learner in mind.

Learn at Home Oregon was also created to meet the needs of families in Oregon who face changing circumstances for in-person school opportunities, or who want more flexibility to enroll in a school that offers a full curriculum geared toward learning in a home-based environment that is not strictly digital.  The Program provides opportunities to study in various settings from the comfort of your own home, while learning through proven models with the support of a dedicated teacher.

The K-8 program is provided by the Alsea School District and grades 9-12 are provided by the Colton School District.

Home-Based Distance Education Program | Learn at Home Oregon

About Learn at Home Oregon

Learn at Home Oregon is a blended model of live interaction, technology integration, and individual real-world, project-based learning. This customized learning model allows students to work at their own pace to maximize learning gains, close learning gaps, and accelerate new opportunities. The blended curriculums reinforce the concepts in contexts of how we actually use them every day in our lives.

Learn at Home Oregon
Flexible Schooling | Learn at Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

Flexible Schooling

Take learning outside and get hands-on, while saying goodbye to stressful school routines. Learn at Home Oregon allows you to enjoy the benefits of learning from home, while having the support you need to make the switch from traditional classroom settings. Let’s make at-home learning relevant, meaningful and impactful—Pre-Register today!



Free Tuition | Learn at Home Oregon

Free and open to all residents of Oregon. This is a public individualized home-based distance education program.

Fully Accredited | Learn at Home Oregon

Learn at Home Oregon is a fully standardized K to 8 grade level education program and part of the Alsea School District.

School Materials Shipped to You | Learn at Home Oregon

Grade-level appropriate learning materials and technology equipment are delivered directly to your place of residence.

Free School Supplies | Learn at Home Oregon

Free physical school supplies are included for each student to provide for an integrative on and off-line learning experience.

Free Computer & Other Technology as needed | Learn at Home Oregon

A computer is included for each student and shipped to your door if the family wishes to have this technology (not required).

What to Expect | Learn at Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

What To Expect

Our program approach includes:

  • Standards-based, blended, project-based curriculum
  • Proficiency assessment system (we learn until we master it)
  • Secure learning and communication portal
  • Daily interactions with a teacher
  • On-call teacher support during the school day
  • Parent/Coach support and training
  • Regular reporting and progress monitoring
What's Included | Learn at Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

What’s Included

Every student receives:

  • A computer (if desired by family)
  • Other technology as needed
  • Learning materials as needed
  • At home school supplies
FAQ | Learn At Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the Learn at Home Oregon program? Please review our Frequently Asked Questions section to see the top questions addressed in a click-to-reveal easy user format. If you have additional questions not included in the FAQs, please submit a Contact form message. If you are ready to register your child or children into our program, please complete the Registration Form and our enrollment counselor will connect with you!

Our Mission | Learn at Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

Our Mission

The mission of Learn at Home Oregon is to provide a tract for student success in a home-based environment while providing an effective and real-world learning program that also creates the flexibility to study in outdoor settings and learn from the comfort of your own home.

Girl Learning Outside - Learn at Home Oregon
The Program was specifically designed to provide a hands-on learning experience–not for students to sit in front of a computer or tablet screen for extended periods of time. Students will receive periodic physical learning materials mailed directly to their door to create interactive experiences that incorporate off-line learning opportunities as well.
Proficiancy-Based Mastery Approach | Learn At Home Oregon
The proficiency-based mastery approach allows learners to continue to refine their learning until they master the concepts and then the learning is spiraled so it can continually build-off of a mastery of prior experiences and skill sets. We make sure students have all the necessary building blocks to be successful in their educational endeavors.
Project Based Learning - Learn at Home Oregon
The Program was developed to provide opportunities for students to see how the skills they are using fit into the real world through project-based learning models. We ask students to use their new knowledge to propose solutions to real world problems and to present these proposals to contribute to broader knowledge.