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Program Highlights & Benefits

K-8 program provided by the Alsea School District
9-12 program provided by the Colton School District

Standards-Based Learning | Learn at Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

Standards-Based Learning

The Learn at Home Oregon Program teaches to educational standards in a straightforward and logical manner that is in-line with how the skills are applied in real-world scenarios.

Scaffolded Growth | Learn At Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

Scaffolded Growth

The Program does not assume any previous knowledge. We make sure students have all the necessary building blocks to be successful in their educational endeavors. If a student does “get stuck” with any subject, the teacher will be able to pivot and quickly provide targeted help to support the student to help get them back on track.

Project-Based Learning
Learn at Home Oregon

Project-Based Learning

The Program was developed to provide opportunities for students to see how the skills they are using fit into the real world through project-based learning models. We ask students to use their new knowledge to propose solutions to real world problems and to present these proposals to contribute to broader knowledge.

Proficiency-Based Mastery | Learn At Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

Proficiency-Based Mastery

The proficiency-based mastery approach allows learners to continue to refine their learning until they master the concepts and then the learning is spiraled so it can continually build-off of a mastery of prior experiences and skill sets.

Hands-On Methodology | Learn at Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

Hands-On Methodology

The Program was specifically designed to provide a hands-on learning experience–not for students to sit in front of a computer or tablet screen for extended periods of time.

Off-Line Opportunities | Learn at Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

Off-Line Opportunities

Students will receive periodic physical learning materials mailed directly to their door via package delivery service (like UPS, FedEx or US Postal Service) to create interactive experiences that incorporate off-line learning opportunities as well.

Daily Teacher Interactions | Learn at Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

Daily Teacher Interactions

Dedicated teachers will meet with their students on a daily basis to provide the opportunity to further develop social and emotional skills, allow for collaborative learning time together, and provide live mini-lessons and student support for each day’s individual activities.

Social-Emotional Development | Learn At Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

Social-Emotional Development

Students within individual cohort groups or grade level classes will have the opportunity to meet virtually on a daily basis for the prescribed purpose of social-emotional learning, cooperative interaction, connecting for mini teaching lessons, and so on. This ensures that there is continued social and emotional development.

On-Call Assistance | Learn at Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

On-Call Assistance

The student’s individual teachers will be available during operating hours to provide quick and appropriate assistance and support when there is a necessity to augment contact parallel to the regularly planned daily student interactions. Teachers will maintain regular school hours in conjunction with the school district schedule.

Parent Training & Support
Learn at Home Oregon

Parent Training & Support

A standout feature for the Program, Learn at Home Oregon will provide initial and ongoing parent or caretaker training and support opportunities for those who are helping the student in the home environment. The Program’s mission is to provide a tract for student success in a home-based environment while providing an effective and real-world learning program that also creates the flexibility to study in outdoor settings and learn from the comfort of your own home.

Included Supplies & Materials | Learn at Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

Included Supplies & Materials

Free physical school supplies are included for each student enrolled in the Learn at Home Oregon program to provide for an integrative on and off-line learning experience.

Grade-level appropriate learning materials and technology are delivered directly to your place of residence. These materials and technology will be used in conjunction with lesson plans and the fully-inclusive secure learning and communication platform.

A computer and other technology is included for each student and shipped to your door if the family wishes (not required).